Festival yurts

Your own luxury home at the Festival

Own your own festival yurt

If you have ever dreamed of being one of the wealthy few who can afford to live in a luxury yurt at festivals. Dream no longer! If you buy a Woodland Yurt you can live in style at any festival for many years to come. All of our yurts up to eleven feet in diameter can be transported on a carefully packed standard wheelbarrow. The packed yurt can be pushed by a reasonably fit person over fairly rough ground. The yurt can be put up in about forty minutes.  A thirteen or sixteen foot yurt can be carried in an ordinary car and goes up in about 40 minutes.

*Renting a yurt at a festival can cost £700+. We have eleven foot gers for £2300. Four festivals and you are up on the deal!


Make your yurt dream a reality

with Woodland Yurts

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