Yurt Prices 2022

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Yurt with zipped door and collapsible oak door frame Yurt with solid oak doorframe and wooden door Yurt with solid oak door, doorframe and high quality handmade hinges.
Four Foot Wall Complete yurt with ash and oak frame full canvas cover and groundsheet
Eleven foot ger £2,800 £3000 £3,200
Twelve foot ger £3,600 £3,800 £4000
Thirteen foot ger £4000 £4200 £4,400
Five Foot Wall
Thirteen foot ger £4200 £4,400 £4,600
Fourteen foot ger £4,600 £4,800 £5,000
Fifteen foot ger £4,860 £5060 £5,260
Sixteen foot ger £5,500 £5,700 £5,900
Seventeen foot ger £6250 £6,450 £6,650
Eighteen foot ger £7450 £7,650 £7,850
Nineteen foot ger £8300 £8500 £8,700

The yurt comes complete and ready to go. Click here to see what you get when you buy one of our yurts.

You may also want to consider some of the extras listed below:


Crown support (included with most yurts)

Heavy duty (uplift) Groundsheet supplement


Make your yurt dream a reality

with Woodland Yurts

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