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Buying a yurt for a campsite

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Buying a yurt can be a big decision. For many of our customers the yurt is their home and the most expensive thing they own. For others it is the backbone of their business or a showcase for their work.

The decision to buy a yurt should not be taken lightly. Once you have decided what you want shop around, we believe our yurts are the best available and you are welcome to visit and see for yourself how we make them.

Feel free to telephone or email with any questions you may have.

Most of our yurts a built to order. We ask for a 50% deposit to secure the order with the balance due when the yurt is finished.

Yurts usually take 8-16 weeks to build but it can be longer if we are very busy. Contact us to discuss current lead times.

Yurt with zipped door and collapsible door frame Yurt with solid doorframe and wooden door Yurt with wooden door and wool felt liner
Four Foot Wall Complete yurt with ash and oak frame full canvas cover and groundsheet
Eleven foot ger £2,300 £2,500 £3600
Twelve foot ger £3,000 £3,200 £4400
Thirteen foot ger £3,400 £3,600 £4800
Five Foot Wall
Thirteen foot ger £3,600 £3,800 £5200
Fourteen foot ger £4,000 £4,200 £5500
Fifteen foot ger £4,200 £4,400 £5800
Sixteen foot ger £4,800 £5,000 £6500
Seventeen foot ger £5,500 £5,700 £7200
Eighteen foot ger £6,600 £6,800 £8400
Nineteen foot ger £7,200 £7,400 £9100
Twenty-one foot ger £9,000 £9,200 £10800

The yurt comes complete and ready to go. Click here to see what you get when you buy one of our yurts.

You may also want to consider some of the extras listed below:


Crown support (included with most yurts)

Heavy duty (uplift) Groundsheet supplement



We deliver yurts free up to 70 miles from our workshop. For deliveries further afield we may deliver ourselves or send the yurt by carrier.

You are also welcome to collect your yurt.

Collect and we will show you how to put up your yurt.

Typical prices for packing and carrier delivery are:

Yurt up to 13 feet £180
14-16 feet £220
17-19 feet £280
21 foot £350.

We can send yurts to most of mainland Europe, contact us for prices.

Oak hinge - Yurt accessories

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