Customer comments

People often write and tell us how they are getting on with their yurt. 

Here are a few examples

yurt holiday in Black Mountains

“it was not until we were in the process of erecting the Ger that we noticed just how much work goes into the construction, the craftsmanship and attention to detail is clearly evident. Once fully erected we were stunned by the environment that it creates; those staying in the Ger are amazed – certainly has the wow factor, as such we will be seeing many of this year’s visitors again next year”

“…the Yurt is fantastic … It is a brilliant addition to our small home in the village…can’t imagine life with a yurt now! ..thanks for the excellent support and instructions”

“I purchased a yurt from you in 2005. First I have to say it is a wonderful structure. I am a storyteller and have had it up at countless festivals, other events and camping, and it is still going strong. Thank you dearly!”

“We are delighted with our new yurt – thank you. It is very beautifully made indeed.”

“Everyone who has seen the yurt loves it and is full of admiration for the workmanship.”

“I am thrilled with the 12ft yurt, and you’ve done such a good job with it, it doesn’t seem at all weakened by 15 years of use. It’s certainly long lasting and hardwearing, not to mention beautiful.”

“We have had such fun with the yurt and it has been much admired for its beautiful workmanship.”

“It looks beautiful and it isn’t even up yet!”

“I recently bought a wonderful 13 foot ger from you … Many thanks, and I am enjoying the yurt so much :)”

“I have lived in it for many months during the summer seasons and love it dearly.”

“I looked at quite a number of yurts but yours are by far the best.”

“amazing! Real craftsmanship”

“We couldn’t be more pleased with it”

“I cannot express enough how pleased I am with my yurt . You Know it has been up continuously for more than 10 years”

“I have had one of your yurts for over ten years now and it is a constant source of real pleasure for me.”

“Helen and I have thoroughly enjoyed using our yurt at G&A for the past five years and it has never leaked once not even during the severe challenge of last summer.”

“I have also seen some other yurts but for craftsmanship and great construction, especially the roof cover, yours is the best.”

“Thank you, Paul for many great years holidaying!”

“It’s 11 years old now so has done us good service.”

“It looks fantastic, really a top quality. Mill’s comment was: this is the rolls royce of all yurts.”

“It has been fantastic and we are very pleased with it.”

“We’re celebrating the end of our second week of yurt life and are absolutely delighted with it. The yurt is garnering much attention and admiration from neighbours, family and friends and everyone is blown away by the quality of the workmanship and by how beautiful it is.”

And Here are a few example from previous years:

“I picked up a 16ft Yurt off you at the end of last summer. I just wanted to write and say thank you for such a great piece of joinery. I have been taking the children round the country in it, from campsites to friend’s cottages and without fail it draws an admiring crowd for the sheer perfection of the craftsmanship as well as the fantastic design. My father is a joiner and I know the love and skill it takes to work wood well, so I looked at many other yurt builders over the years before I found your good self. Thank you for giving me my dream yurt and my children something magic in their memories.”

(J.P. London 2005)

“Just a quick letter to tell you what fun we are having with the wonderful yurt you made for us … We put it up in the woods behind the farm buildings on the Sunday before Christmas and it has been up ever since, and has withstood tremendous gails, rain, hail! … Hordes of children, and myself have slept in it”. M.H. (East Sussex, 1998)

“I’m having a very special time in it. It’s a fantastic piece of Joinery” M.R. ( Cumbria , 1998)

“To say we were impressed with your work is an under statement, and its not only us we have shown your work via the photos we took to several Mongols all of whom agree your work is excellent and wish you all the best.” Mark Glen and Altanzul Yondonjalbuu (Cheshire/Mongolia, 1999)

“Having just returned from our first yurting weekend I felt compelled to let you know how brilliant your yurts are. Stunning craftsmanship. The 12 footer went up easily…” J.O-E (Andalucia, 2000)

“Your build quality and attention to detail create the best ger I have seen”. D.B. (Hemp Union , 2001)

“I’ve just received my yurt and as a woodworker I must say how impressed I am with its quality and attention to details, it is beautiful, it is a work of art! Many thanks!” G.P. ( Wales , 2002)

“It is just a delight more and more to discover and to settle in the yurt. We feel finally arrived home.” K&L ( Austria , 2003)

“Just a note to say how pleased we are with the little nine foot tipi you made for us, … it will be used as a place to get away from day to day worries and find some inner peace, it really does look great.” ( B & S. K. Bristol, 2003)

”Fantastic. I knew it would be good but wow! Everything went together like
a dream with really clear instructions. It’s a beautiful space and everyone
loves it. The care and craftmanship with which it is made shines through.” T.M. ( East Sussex , 2004)

“Sarah has put the yurt up and how thrilled we both are with it. What a wonderful job you have made of it from the beautiful seams on the canvas to the finely crafted and finished off woodwork of the poles and wall. It is beautiful, we have spent many hours in it already just marvelling at how good a thing it is. So thank you for a beautifully crafted Yurt, There’s real passion in the construction from top to bottom.” S.J. (Malvern, 2004)

“On second go at putting it up we managed 22 minutes and 35 seconds… We are really pleased with it and the kids think its fab. Thanks a million.” J & A.B. (Hampshire 2004)

“We really appreciate the quality of the craftsmanship that has gone into the yurt and look forward to living in such a special space” H &N.W. (Pembrokeshire, 2004)

“I am very impressed with the quality of the workmanship.
It looks beautiful and I am really glad I didn’t try to make one myself.” J.N. ( Ireland , 2005)

“It is an amazing space, we love it! Very well built and great value for the
money, no complaints whatsoever. It all seems of the highest quality.” O.P. (Perthshire, 2006)

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