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The Roof

You will need thirty two roof poles, each five feet (1.5m) long, these normally consist of the same rods as are use to make the walls. If using thin slats for the walls these may not be rigid enough to support the roof so thicker or square section timbers should be used. If using round section poles drill two 3.5mm holes, one inch (25mm) apart in one end and pass a piece of string through these to form a loop, which fits over the top of a wall pole. The other end fits into the holes in the crown.

Figure 8. a. End of roof poles cut to fit khana top. b. pieces added to rectangular roof pole. c. Square pole shaped to fit round hole.

If you are using square or rectangular section timber either cut a the ends as shown in figure 8 or make blocks which can be glued and screwed to the end of the pole. Cut the sharp 90o top corner off at an angle of 45o and smooth with sandpaper. Drill two holes and fit string loops as for round poles. Ideally you should make square mortises in the crown to take the ends of the poles, but a much quicker and perfectly adequate option is to round off the top three inches of the poles with a knife or chisel to fit into the circular holes.

"We really appreciate the quality of the craftsmanship that has gone into the yurt and look forward to living in such a special space" H &N.W. (Pembrokeshire, 2004)

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