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Putting up Your Yurt

  1. Unfold the wall sections and place them upright in an approximate circle.

  2. Tie two ends together, overlapping slightly. tie the other two ends to the door frame.

  3. Adjust the position of the walls until they are perfectly circular. Use two poles held end to end to check that the diameter is exactly the same at several points.

  4. Tie a strong rope around the top of the walls. This step is very important, to fit the roof without this band around the Yurt will cause serious damage.

  5. Ask a friend to hold the crown above their head in the centre of the yurt.

  6. Fit the string loop of each roof pole over the top of a wall pole and fit the other ends into the holes in the crown.

  7. Tie the tension band tightly around the entire yurt at the point where the wall and roof poles meet.

  8. Pull the crown hard down to ensure that it is level and that all of the roof poles are securely seated.

  9. Fit the wall cover.

  10. Fit the roof cover and tie it down with a rope passing through the grommets.

  11. Tuck the plastic skirt under the bottoms of the wall poles.

  12. Fit the door.


"We really appreciate the quality of the craftsmanship that has gone into the yurt and look forward to living in such a special space" H &N.W. (Pembrokeshire, 2004)

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