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The Door

The simplest and most portable door for your yurt consists of two uprights of willow or hazel 1½-3 inches (38-75mm) in diameter and four feet (1.2m) long tapered at each end to fit into 1 inch (25mm) holes drilled into the top and bottom of the frame. The top and bottom consists of lengths of the same wood about three inches (75mm) in diameter and two feet six inches (75cm) long drilled at either end to take the tapered ends of the uprights. The top part of the frame is drilled to take two of the roof poles. The door consists of a canvas curtain, weighted at the bottom. This frame is easily disassembled and strong (Fig.5).

A simple door frame can be constructed in a few minutes

Figure 5. A simple door frame can be constructed in a few minutes

A more elaborate and weatherproof, but less portable door can be made with a solid timber frame, fitted with a double or single door, this is traditionally elaborately carved or painted. This door can be made in its own separate frame which can be fitted to the front of the hazel door frame when required. The making and decorating of such a door is beyond the scope of this book, so I will leave it up to you to consult a carpentry book or use your own imagination if you wish to furnish your yurt with such a grand entrance.

"I'm having a very special time in it. It's a fantastic piece of Joinery"
M.R. (Cumbria, 1998)

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