The Complete Yurt Handbook
by Paul King

Includes full instructions on how to build your own yurt

Part one deals with the history of the yurt, how it works and the principles behind its construction. We also take a look at life today in the Mongolian ger and the culture and etiquette of ger living.

Part two gives full detailed instructions on how to make several types and sizes of yurt.

The author Paul King has been a professional yurt builder for over ten years and has travelled extensively in Mongolia to research his subject. 120 pages, fully illustrated with line drawings and photographs.

Published by ECO-LOGIC BOOKS

Here are just a few reviews (source: Amazon books)

"Just good info on how to build yurts and gers."

"The Complete Yurt Handbook is a fascinating, unique, and highly recommended book presenting just about everything there is to know about the yurt."

"I've checked out many books on building yurts and this is the best."

"A must for any yurt enthusiast and for anybody wanting information about this subject."

"Overall I would say that this is the best book on yurts that I have seen"

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"Just a quick letter to tell you what fun we are having with the wonderful yurt you made for us We put it up in the woods behind the farm buildings on the Sunday before Christmas and it has been up ever since, and has withstood tremendous gails, rain, hail! Hordes of children, and myself have slept in it". M.H. (East Sussex, 1998)