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Stoves for Yurts

Most people like to heat their yurt using a woodburning stove. Life in the mongolian ger centres around the stove. In this country the stove heats the yurt, warms the kettle and provides a a focus for cosy evenings in.

As with all tents, it is dangerous to light fires inside, do so at your own risk. Take care!

We do not sell yurt stoves, but have been looking at and using wood buring stoves for yurts for many years. Here are the stoves and stove makers we have found to be most suitable for yurt use. always use a twin walled insulated flue pipe.

Four Dog Stoves I believe these are the best yurt stoves available, they are portable, designed for use in tents, they can provide hot water and folding side ovens are great for baking bread, potatoes, bicuits etc. They can be ordered from Don Kevilus in Minnesota USA at www.fourdog.com.

Windy Smithy make a range of beautiful well designed yurt stoves in Devon. From £160.00 (beware of immitations)HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Parp Industrie A huge range of beautiful, well made stoves. Ideal for use in Yurts. Hand built to order in Devon. Very reasonably priced (from £150). Call Ed on 01363 860001. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Aarow Stoves The smallest model of Aarow stove (the Acorn 4) seems well suited to yurt use. Designed as a household stove, it has the advantages of airwash and secondary burn, making it very clean efficient and more environmentally friendly, whilst not being too heavy. Made in Dorset. Costs under £300.00 from Harridge stoves, Shepton Mallet.

Cheap potbelly stoves There are some very cheap (about £70) potbelly stoves availble on the market. We have tried these, they are poorly made, impossible to control, the flue gets dangerously hot, and the logs need to be cut very small to feed it. NOT RECOMMENDED

Stoves on line offer loads of helpful advice on fitting stoves. They have experience of designing stoves for use in Nomadic tents in Central Asia. They can supply stove kits for use in yurts in this country.


  • Four dog stove Parp Industrie stove
    Windy Smithy stove Aarrow acorn 4 stove



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