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Doors, windows and Joined Yurts

Wooden Doors. For 2018 larger gers come with a solid timber ledge and brace door. Made from solid redwood. Oak doors are available for a small extra charge. Hanging on strong T Hinges with a rim lock and handles (Design may vary).

Zipped Doors. Smaller gers and benwood yurts come with a zipped canvas door, simple to use and very effective. The door has three Marine quality heavy duty zips allowing it to be opened in a number of ways or taken of completely. There is a tough PVC flap to protect the bottom.

Oak arched door Oak stable door
Zipped canvas door Detail of ledge and brace oak door


Redwood Ledge and Brace door £380.00 (free most gers)

Oak upgrade add £120.00

Oak double glazed upgrade add £140.00

Arched door frame add £90.00

Arched door add £90.00

Stable door add £90.00

Windows These are an addition purely for the Western market. Mongolian ger makers rolled around with laughter when I showed them pictures of yurts with windows. We make our windows from tough clear PVC or netting. Or you can have a solid wood framed toughened glass windows fitted into the yurt frame.

Rectangluar windows 24"x18" clear windows (or net) with an external canvas blind. £75.00

Round windows (our most popular style) 18" or 24" diameter with or without external blind. £75 with blind. £45 without blind.

Oak framed toughened glass windows. Can be opened, locked or used as an additional door or fire escape. £480.00

Roof Windows I believe that roof windows are ugly troublesome and unnecessary. However, some people like a clear window in the crown cover. We can supply these with your yurt free of charge. But beware if the weather is wet or cold the clear window will be covered in condensation and might drip. If the weather is good you can easily pull the hat back to leave the crown open.

Crown cover fly screen A simple netting screen which allows the crown cover to be opened whilst keeping flying insects out. £15.00

  Joining two or more yurts
To join two yurts you will need an extra door frame in each yurt and a joining piece. The yurts can then be joined or used independently.

Extra door frame
We can fit extra door frames. As an additional entrance, a window, or if you want to join two yurts together. Extra door frame £160.00

To join two yurts together. Our flexible joining piece links two yurts together (via extra door frames) £100.00. Solid oak join £200.



"It is just a delight more and more to discover and to settle in the yurt. We feel finally arrived home." K&L (Austria, 2003)

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