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From Woodland to Yurt

Our yurts are made using top quality timber selected from local woodlands

  • These woods are managed primarily for nature conservation.
  • We aim to make our yurts as environmentally sustainable as possible.
  • We use prime quality kiln-dried oak from Southern England for our tonos.
  • Quality takes time. After the timber is cut we season it for many months until it reaches just the right water content for steam bending. Once bent it is seasoned for a further three months. Typically from cutting the wood to finished yurt takes well over a year.
    We select the best local hardwoods Straigt ash is milled to our specifications
    The sawn timber is air died for a year and then Kiln dried The seasoned timber is used to produce top quality yurt components
    Wall poles are steam-bent and then seasoned for a further three months Crown parts are made from kiln dried seasoned timber
    Planing the sawn timber All timber components are made by us in our own workshop
    All parts are made to very to very exacting standards Finishing the beautiful oak crown
    The frame fits together perfectly The felt cover is fitted to its own frame
    All covers and liners are taylored to fit their frame perfectly Stainless steel fittings are used thougout
    Cover detail The finished yurt



  • "I'm having a very special time in it. It's a fantastic piece of Joinery"
    M.R. (Cumbria, 1998)

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