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Ger is the name used by the Mongolians to describe their yurt; the word actually means home. The two words are interchangeable as almost every home in Mongolia is a yurt.

The Mongolian ger has many straight roof poles, and a heavy timber crown. The walls are in collapsible trellis sections or Khana. Easy to transport, quick to put up and very robust.

Seventeen foot standard ger
Seventeen foot ger at night

I studied yurt making in Mongolia and our designs are closely based on the traditional ger. However the climate and materials available in Mongolia are very different than in Europe. We have made a number of modifications to this design to make the ger better suited for UK use.

The differences between our gers and Mongolian yurts are:

  • Steeper roof pitch to improve water runoff and give more headroom.
  • Waterproof canvas covers.
  • Made from top quality English hardwoods.
  • Durable modern ropes, cordage and fittings used throughout.
  • Wider wall pole spacing on standard gers gives a light yet very strong frame.
  • Higher door frames for easy access.
Twelve foot traditional ger frame Oak Tono
Traditional ger (note: tight pole spacing) Fourteen foot basic ger (note: wider spacing)

Our gers are made from English ash and oak. Wall poles are sawn and planed to size, then rounded and the ends shaped, steam-bent, sanded and oiled to give a very beautiful, strong and durable ger. The roof poles are shaped in the traditional way with a round shaft and a long square tapered head. Our crowns are beautifully made form solid English oak.

We make two types of ger in sizes ranging from ten feet (2.75m) to nineteen feet (5.7m) in diameter.

Standard gers
These are our most poular yurts. Wall can be four or five feet high, the four foot wall is easy to transport in most cars. Built to be easy to transport, quick to put up, beautiful and sturdy. Ideal for luxurious family camping. Sturdy enough for permanent use. Economical for holiday rental.

Traditional gers
These are the finest yurts we make. Our traditional gers have a five-foot (1.5m) high wall, nine inch wall pole spacing; very sturdy with plenty of headroom. Ideal as permanent homes or for holiday rental.
Ger near Ulan Bator, Mongolia Ger, Quicktime movie (click to start)
Sixteen foot ger used as a shop Twenty-one foot ger in shopping centre


"Your build quality and attention to detail create the best ger I have seen". D.B. (Hemp Union, 2001)