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Yurt felt
Our aim is aways to make the most durabe and naturally beautiful yurts. Over the years we have found that the felt degrades more quickly than the rest of the yurt. For this reason we no longer supply felt liners.

Felt Felt is the traditional covering material for the yurt. Made by beating and rolling wet sheep’s wool. Felt has excellent insulation properties, keeping out the extremes of hot and cold experienced on the Central Asian steppe. Natural oils in wool make felt sufficiently waterproof for the fairly dry climate of Central Asia. For our climate the felt is used as an insulating layer under the waterproof canvas cover. Felt is only suitable for yurts which are regularly heated.

We make pure wool felt inner covers which fit between the outer canvas layer and the frame. They keep the yurt warm in winter and cool in summer and give it a feeling of a solid building rather than a tent. Felt offers very good sound insulation, useful when trying to sleep at festivals, or when talking late into the night on quiet campsites. On the down side felt darkens the interior of the yurt and is bulky to transport and is not suitable if the yurt is not in constant use. Felt keeps the yurt warm (or cool) if you are living in the yurt. Felt should not be used if the yurt is to be left empty in a damp climate.

Our felt inner covers can be retro fitted to any of our yurts. The yurt can be used with or without the felt. Each cover consists of a roof cover in one or two parts, a wall cover in 2 or more parts and a removeable crown cover. Our felt covers are reinforced on all edges with strong webbing.

Pure wool felt

Top quality 100% wool felt made to very high standards in Germany. It is a natural grey in colour. This felt is strong, does not shed many hairs and provides excelent insulation.

Yurt linings

Felt has many advantages, but on the downside it does make the inside of the yurt quite dark. The addition of a white liner between the frame and the felt brightens the inside and keeps any stray hairs at bay. Our liners are well made to fit the yurt exactly, we use inherently flame retardant polyester which is light and easily washable. Coloured liners can be made at additional cost.

Wool felt inner on 18 foot ger Inside a wool felt ger
White liner on a sixteen foot yurt Yurt under constuction showing liner, felt and canvas covers


"It is just a delight more and more to discover and to settle in the yurt. We feel finally arrived home." K&L (Austria, 2003)

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