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Q. Who makes your yurts?
A. I (Paul King) make all of our yurt frames. My wife and I make the covers. We are a small business making about 20-30 yurts a year. So when you buy a woodland yurt you can be sure that it was hand-built by one of the most experienced yurt builders in the West, author of The Complete Yurt Handbook.

Q. How long have you been making yurts?
A. I started yurt making in 1991 and have been making them full-time for more than twenty years. To date (Nov2014) I have made over 500 complete yurts. I have studied yurt making and all associated skill both here and in Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan. I have written three books and several articles on the subject and featured in the television series “Home wasn’t built in a day”. I plan to be building yurts for many years to come.

Q. Why are you prices so reasonable?
A. We are a small business with low overheads. We have been making yurts for a very long time and know exactly how long it takes. We do not spend money on advertising and sell our yurts directly to the end user. We do not compromise on quality, we use top quality local timber, which we select and process ourselves. As we are a very small business we do not charge VAT.

Q. How much do your yurts weigh?
A. An eleven-foot yurt weighs about 120 Kg, a sixteen-foot ger weighs about 220Kg, and a twenty-one foot ger weighs about 450Kg.

Q. How long does it take to put up a yurt?
An eleven or thirteen foot yurt takes 30-40 minutes. A fourteen-foot yurt takes about an hour and an eighteen footer can be put up in two hours. It may take double this time the first time you put up the yurt, but once you know how it works it should go up very quickly.

Q. What are your covers made from?
A. We use 12oz. (393g/m²) Regentex XP polyester/cotton canvas, which is waterproof, flame retardant, and rot proofed. The 12oz. Canvas is very strong and durable and transmits light very well, it dries fairly quickly. This is the best yurt canvas available.

Q. How many people do your yurts sleep?
A. This is a very difficult question to answer; it depends on the level of luxury you like. A nine foot yurt has plenty of room for two adults and two children to sleep in comfort. At least ten people can sit on chairs in a circle around the wall. An eleven-footer can sleep four adults, and is big enough for a couple to live in full time (wood-burning stove, kitchen area etc.). A fifteen-footer is a spacious home for a couple or a small family, and a great space for a party and can comfortably sleep ten or more. A sixteen footer makes a very spacious home for a family, room for yoga workshops, classrooms, a well stocked shop etc. Eighteen and twenty-one foot yurts are huge spaces for wedding receptions etc. We had room for 35 people seated around six tables with a wood-burning stove at our wedding in an eighteen foot ger.

Q. Do you rent yurts?
A. No.

Q. Do you offer trade or bulk discounts?
A. No. Our prices are already as low as we can make them. Each yurt is individually made so the unit price is the same however many you order. We only sell direct to the customer, so no trade discount.

Q. Do you sell used yurts?
A. No. We occasionally have new yurts in stock at reduced prices. See our news page.

Q. Do you run yurt-making courses?
A. No. If you would like to make your own yurt there are instructions on this website. For more detailed up-to-date plans see The Complete Yurt Handbook.

Q. Do you export yurts?
A. We can send yurts to European Union countries. We do not export yurts to Asia, America, Australia, or New Zealand due to import restrictions on untreated timber.

Q. Are your yurts waterproof?
Our yurts are well desgned and stitched using the best waterproofed, breathable canvas available. Seams are proofed. As with all canvas tents the fabric needs to be weathered so a very small ammount of water may enter when it first gets rained on. The canvas is breatheable so if the yurt is left empty (unheated) for a prolonged period in very wet conditions it may get damp inside.

Q. Are your yurts suitable for year-round use?
A. The yurts can be left up for years if it is in constant use. Many of our customers have lived in their yurts for years. However, a major part of the beauty of a yurt is its portability and the ease with which it can be taken down and put up. Recent warm, wet winters and autumns do favour the growth of mildew. We strongly reccommend that the yurt is taken down for these months if it is not in use. If the yurt is left up year-round it should be heated every couple of days in wet weather.

Q. Are your yurts suitable as permanent homes?
A. Yes, many of our customers have lived in their yurts for years. Throughout Central Asia Millions of people live in yurts in some of the harshest climates on Earth.

Q. How long do your yurts last?
A. Many years: If you are using your yurt just for summer holidays it should last a lifetime. We have customers who have lived full-time in their yurts since the 1990s. The frame is protected by the cover and should last indefinitely. The canvas will last very many years of normal use. The canvas is waterproof but does not like being permanently damp, if you leave it empty in damp conditions the cover could need replacing in less than a year.

Q. What maintenance does the yurt need?
A. As with all tents make sure it is dry before packing it. Store the yurt in a dry place. Do not store the wall sections flat- lean them against a wall. If you lay them on the floor put something under the top ends. Make sure it is securely pegged down at all times. If, after several years use the frame looks a bit dry it should be oiled with Danish oil, or boiled linseed oil. If, after years, the canvas begins to leak reproof it with Fabsil or a similar proofing solution. If the yurt is up during prolonged wet weather, light a fire in the stove a couple of times a week to dry the cover thoroughly.

Q. Do you sell yurt covers or other separate components?
A. Generally no. We make each yurt individually; each part is fitted to its neighbours. I believe a good yurt cannot be made by bringing disparate parts together, they do not lend themselves to mass production. Our covers are fitted to their own frame and not made to measurements or patterns alone. We can sell complete frames, or covers fitted to our frames (you can make a frame to our specifications).

Q. Do you do coloured covers?
A. Yes we can make yurts in white, sand or olive green at no extra cost. We can make yurts in a wide range of coours for a small additional cost.

Q. Do you supply timber floors?
A. No. But we can offer advice if you want to make your own.

Q. Do you supply yurt furniture?
A. No.

Q. What about wood-burning stoves?
A. Most of our customers have a stove in their yurt. It makes the yurt warm and cosy in all weathers. We can supply a high temperature flue collar in the cover. We do not supply stoves. Click here for our recommendations. As with all tents it is dangerous to light fires inside – BEWARE!!!

"Fantastic. I knew it would be good but wow! Everything went together like a dream with really clear instructions. It's a beautiful space and everyone loves it. The care and craftmanship with which it is made shines through." T.M. (East Sussex, 2004)

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