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A Woodland Yurt is supplied complete and ready to use. However, you may like a few extra refinements for increased comfort and security.

To see what is included in the basic price click here

An oak door is now included with most of our yurts Click here for more details

Extra door frame
We can fit extra door frames if you need a additional entrance, a window or if you want to join two yurts together. Extra door frame£190.00

Collapsible door frame
Our new door frames are very sturdy and rigid enough to support solid hardwood doors. The door frame can be collapsible for easy transport, or we can glue and peg it for more permanent siting.

24"x18" clear vinyl, or mesh with external canvas shutter blind with velcro closures and tie backs. Round or square £75.00 each. £50 without blind Other windows available. Click here for details

Roof windows
Many people ask for a clear window in the crown cover. We can fit this at no extra charge. But beware! They are prone to problems with condensation and leakage.

Heavy duty groundsheet

An extremely tough plastic coated, groundsheet, rope and eyelets raise the side 9" up the walls.

Lifting Prog kit
A hardwood prog, the shaped end fits onto the crown centre allowing it to be easily and safely lifted into place, adjusted and seated from the ground. £45.00. Free with gers over 13 feet.

A pair of traditional decorative upright posts to support the crown. Give the yurt an authentic Mongolian look, and provide extra stability in high winds or heavy snow. Adjustable to allow for uneven ground. £85, free with 18'+ gers.

High temperature silicone flue collar
Provides a weatherproof seal around the flue pipe. Works up to 240 celcius. suitable for use with double skinned flues, waterproof cover supplied to fill gap when not in use. When we fit a flue collar we also fit a closeable weatherproof and insect proof adjustable air vent in the wall. £90.

NB. As with all tents it is dangerous to light fires inside, do so at your own risk.

Wood burning stove
Click Here for stove information

"Just a note to say how pleased we are with the little nine foot tipi you made for us, . it will be used as a place to get away from day to day worries and find some inner peace, it really does look great." ( B & S. K. Bristol, 2003)

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