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Bentwood Yurt

We are not making bentwood yurts at the moment

Significantly different from the ger with steam bent roof poles and crown. The overall appearance is dome-shaped. Bentwood yurts are used throughout Central Asia, from Eastern Turkey to China and from Siberia to Iran. Many of our customers have lived in their bentwood yurts for years in the UK and abroad. I studied bentwood yurt making in Kyrgyzstan and have made a few adaptations to make them better suited to our climate. The curved roof poles raise the effective wall height. Wall pole spacing is twelve inches. Only the very best straight-grained, knot-free English green ash or chestnut is used. Seasoned, knotty, or twisted timber will not bend. We make bentwood yurts in Kyrgyz or Kazakh styles.
Fourteen foot Kyrgyz style yurt Kyrgyz yurt quicktime movie (click to start)
Twelve foot Kyrgyz style yurt Thirteen foot Kazakh style frame

Kyrgyz Yurt. Based on the Buz-oy of Kyrgyzstan. The tall steep roof sheds rain easily and gives a very spacious feeling inside. The frames are made from English ash, or coppiced chestnut. Ash is sawn, planed, sanded and oiled to give a beautiful finish. Chestnut poles are cut by hand from woodlands in Southern England, peeled by hand and oiled to give a rustic yet beautiful finish.

Kazakh Yurt. Based on the Kazakh yurts of Western Mongolia. The roof is fairly low, to retain heat and shed high winds. In ash or coppice chestnut.
Kyrgyz style tunduk Fourteen foot ash yurt
Kazakh style crown Turkmen style crown

Bentwood Crowns. We make three different styles of Bentwood crown, Kyrgyz, Kazakh or Turkmen. The Turkmen style is the most popular so we fit it as standard to our bentwood yurts. If you prefer the Kyrgyz or Turkmen style we can provide these at no extra charge.

The Kyrgyz centre consists of six slats with four braces.

The Kazakh crown centre consists of six raised ash slats.

TheTurkmen style crown centre is made using ten coppice rods to give a more rustic look.  


"We really appreciate the quality of the craftsmanship that has gone into the yurt and look forward to living in such a special space" H &N.W. (Pembrokeshire, 2004)

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