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About Us

Woodland Yurts is a small family business. Every yurt is individually hand crafted to the customer's specification. We have been making yurts for more than 20 years and have perfected our designs over this time. I have studied yurt making in Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan. In recent years we have moved to a large new workshop and invested in high quality machinery and tooling to make our yurts consistently the best avaialble.

Paul, Catherine and George Catherine sewing a cover
George testing a stable door Zach setting up the spindle moulder

Has been making yurts for nearly twenty years. Studied yurt making in Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan. Author of The Complete Yurt Handbook.

Makes beautiful fitted covers.

Has worked for us for seven years. We have sent him to college to study wood machining. A very talented woodworker.

The latest addition to our workforce, has been with us for three years. A very capable woodworker and finisher as well as having a talent for heavy-duty sewing.

Our business is small and we like to keep it that way. If we make every part of each yurt ourselves we can be sure it is of the finest quality. When you buy a Woodland Yurt you can be sure that it has been carefully built by one of the most experienced professional yurt-makers in the Western Hemisphere.

“I picked up a 16ft Yurt off you at the end of last summer. I just wanted to write and say thank you for such a great piece of joinery. I have been taking the children round the country in it, from campsites to friend’s cottages and without fail it draws an admiring crowd for the sheer perfection of the craftsmanship as well as the fantastic design. My father is a joiner and I know the love and skill it takes to work wood well, so I looked at many other yurt builders over the years before I found your good self. Thank you for giving me my dream yurt and my children something magic in their memories.”

(J.P. London 2005)

" It survived the most amazing gale, on Devons most exposed cliff top... whilst all around was devastation!"
J.S. (Bristol, 2007)

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